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  Neonatal Care Solutions

 Babi.Plus™ provides a comprehensive range of solutions specifically designed to assist
 clinicians in the respiratory care of children, neonates, and premature infants.

   Babi.Plus™ Concept

Over the past decade, the birth rate of premature infants worldwide has risen while the rate of overall births has shown a steady decline. All of us value life and understand the importance of helping those who cannot help themselves. Over the years, personal experience with terminal and premature infants has allowed our development team to work with clinicians to expand the range of products specific for this patient population. This collaborative effort has now developed into comprehensive solutions to improve respiratory care.

   Babi.Plus™ Range

Our range of neonatal care products includes bubble CPAP, nasal CPAP interface, oxygen and aerosol delivery, low-flow nebulization, manual resuscitation and mounting system. continue »
All products are CE marked and selected products are FDA cleared. Babi.Plus™ products are manufactured under international quality standards for medical device.

   Behind Babi.Plus™picture

Our team of physicians, respiratory therapists, nurses, and medical device designers with over 100 years of experience combined in the field work together to bring Babi.Plus™ concepts to life.




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