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  Bubble PAP Valve

The First Bubble CPAP to Receive U.S FDA Clearance! The Babi.Plus™ bubble PAP Valve provides a convenient way to set airway pressure, freeing the clinician to focus more on patient assessments instead of device troubleshooting. This patent pending design delivers pressure with accuracy and stability throughout the course of therapy. The ergonomic design allows airway pressure to be easily set without the cumbersome tasks, normally associated with bubble CPAP devices.


360° Swivel inlet connector accepts 15 O.D. and 22mm I.D. expiratory circuit connectors
Rotating pressure adjustment lever
Positive engagement reduces the risk of inadvertent change
Settings are clearly indicated
Water level adjustment port allows water to be added or removed without disconnecting
  the expiratory circuit
Gas discharge ports direct gas away from clinician
Integrated ISO compliant equipment mount
Minimum and maximum lines clearly visible in highly transparent jar


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Gas Inlet Connector: 360° swivel 15 mm I.D. x 22 mm O.D. connector
Gas Flow Range: 1 to 12 liters per minute
Adjustable Range: 0 to 10 cm H2O
Accuracy: ±1 cm H2O to lid set point
Reservoir capacity:
 Low Water Line: ≈ 330 mls
 Mean Water Line: ≈ 350 mls
 High Water Line: ≈ 370 mls
Equipment mount: Integrated ISO compliant mount
Size: ≈ 9.5 cm diameter (excludes equipment mount) x ≈ 25 cm height
Weight: Empty: ≈ 162 grams, at Mean Water Line: ≈ 522 grams

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BC01 Bubble PAP Valve 1 pc/pkg, 12 pcs/box

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